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Prices from PHP 7,900,000 Rockwell Proscenium | Pre Selling New Development for sale in Makati City



From PHP 7,900,000 - PHP 40,000,000

Studio apartmentfrom PHP 7,900,000
1 Bed apartment from PHP 14,000,000
2 Bed apartment from PHP 24,000,000
3 Bed apartment from PHP 40,000,000


35 SQM – 433 SQM

Rockwell Center, Makati City

Art, design and living brought together in the perfect symphony of a premium lifestyle. The Proscenium will be a rare find in the city, a luxury reserved only for the new generation Rockwell. With the Rockwell Center's prestigious towers proudly bearing the names of the most illustrious in the local arts scene, The Proscenium adds to the line-up of the Lopez's architectural tributes to the Philippine arts.

The Four Towers


The 56-storey high Kirov will prize privacy and exclusivity. Each floor will only have 2 to 4 units, with a total of 176 units. 152 of those units will have three bedrooms. There will also be 18 three-bedroom penthouses, and 6 four-bedroom penthouses, each pampered with a spacious den.


The 51-storey Sakura will be the second to rise. Only 2 to 5 units will occupy a floor, ensuring that its residents will be able to enjoy privacy and exclusivity. The tower will be home to 78 two-bedroom units, 117 three-bedroom units, and 12 four-bedroom units for a total of 207 units.


Rising 47 floors, the Lincoln will be fitted to the various needs of different residents. The third tower will feature a diverse range of unit cuts, with 78 studio units, 234 one-bedroom units, and 156 two-bedroom units, for a total of 468 units.


The Lorraine will feature a wide variety of unit cuts. With 116 studio units, 57 one-bedroom units, 74 two-bedroom units, and 84 three-bedroom units across 45 floors, it ensures that whatever the need, there is a unit to address it.


The Proscenium Residences is the fifth residential tower to rise at the Proscenium, offering prime living spaces ranging from studios to three-bedroom units.

The Rockwell Masterplan

Marking the expansion of Rockwell Center, in the property formerly known as the Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Headquarters, The Proscenium will set a stage for a whole new standard of living. The Proscenium is set to raise the bar for the next level of luxury and prestige.

The Man behind the Marvel

Attracting only the best and most skilled virtuosos from all over the world, Rockwell has Uruguayan starchitect Carlos Ott on board its project to create the greatest Rockwell yet with the Proscenium. Proscenium's chief architect Carlos Ott is easily one of the most recognizable architects in the world. Born in Montevideo and based in Canada, Ott made a name for himself through his keen eye for architecture and his unique designs.

The world-renowned "Starchitect" was first known for winning first prize in 1983 for the construction of L'Opera de la Bastille in Paris. Only in his 30's then, Carlos was chosen among the 744 architects from all over the world.

The multi-award winning Uruguayan architect makes his first venture into the Philippines with the great expansion of the Rockwell Center.

A Self-sustained Community

Situated beside the Rockwell Center, the Proscenium at Rockwell is a self-sustaining community within a community that inspires through its unique contemporary form. This is well complimented by its integration of both natural and man-made elements in the design process. A mixed-use development spanning 3.6-hectares, the Proscenium at Rockwell seamlessly integrates living, leisure, business, and culture. With 4 residential towers namely, Kirov, Sakura, Lincoln, and Lorraine, all units offer unparalleled exclusivity and privacy.

In harmony with a rapidly globalizing society, the Proscenium at Rockwell places world-class art and culture right at the doorstep of its residents, with a 550-seater Performing Arts Theater and a museum set within the property. In addition, a retail row also makes high-end shopping and luxury dining a daily experience for the Proscenium's residents.

The Proscenium at Rockwell will transform the Rockwell skyline into a spectacle like no other and promises only the highest level of luxury and prestige for its discerning tenants.

A High-end Theater and Retail Space

The Proscenium at Rockwell will elevate the overall lifestyle experience of the Rockwell Center with the help of the Performing Arts Theater. A first in the Makati area, the theater will hold about 550 guests and aims to be the home of world class cultural performances. Aside from elevating the cultural experience of the Rockwell Center, the Proscenium at Rockwell will add commercial space accommodating high-end retail shops and fine dining restaurants, completing the Rockwell experience of luxury and convenience.

A First-class Office Tower

The latest and final addition of this luxurious architectural masterpiece will be The Proscenium Tower, which will stand at 42 stories high or an estimated 196 meters in height, surrounded by an array of exclusive boutiques, noted restaurants, and opulent residences.

The launch of The Proscenium Tower will signify a new milestone for Rockwell Land's tradition of delivering excellence through luxury, lifestyle and quality living, as seen in the communities that it has established in the country. Joining only a handful of premium, world-class office buildings in Metro Manila, The Proscenium Tower is a work of art, carefully crafted to provide you with a sophisticated, world-class work environment that boasts of its architectural ingenuity and grandeur. This much anticipated development is poised to be the most preferred business address in the Metro as it will redefine the Rockwell skyline like never before.

PropertyPHP Price PHPUSD Price USD (*)EUR Price EUR (*)GBP Price GBP (*)
Studio apartmentfrom 7,900,000 PHPfrom 150,000 USDfrom 134,000 EURfrom 118,000 GBP
1 Bed apartmentfrom 14,000,000 PHPfrom 266,000 USDfrom 238,000 EURfrom 208,000 GBP
2 Bed apartmentfrom 24,000,000 PHPfrom 455,000 USDfrom 408,000 EURfrom 357,000 GBP
3 Bed apartmentfrom 40,000,000 PHPfrom 759,000 USDfrom 680,000 EURfrom 595,000 GBP

(*) Guide Price only, due to possible currency fluctuations

Property RefPEND 1009
Property TypeNew Development
RegionNational Capital Region
ProvinceMetro Manila
yes we have!Air conditioning
yes we have!Building administrator/security office
yes we have!24 hour security
yes we have!Concierge and Guest Services
yes we have!Exclusive access to the Gymnasium and swimming pools
yes we have!Rockwell Mall on your doorstep

Makati City Location Guide

Makati, officially the City of Makati, in the Philippines, is one of the sixteen cities that make up Metro Manila. Makati is located within the circle of 14'40 degrees north and 121'3 degrees east, right at the centre of Metro Manila. However Makati is much more than that in its importance to the Philippines let alone Metro Manila

The presence of 6 five-star hotels, eight shopping malls and 2,901 restaurants and bars in the city has strengthened its bid to become the “Urban Tourism Capital” of the Philippines.

Local and foreign tourists flock to Makati commercial centres primarily because of convenience, accessibility, quality of stores, ambience, interior and exterior environment that match world-class standards.

Makati is the financial centre of the Philippines; it has the highest concentration of multinational and local corporations in the country. Major Banks, corporations, department stores as well as foreign embassies are based in Makati. The biggest trading floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange is situated along the city's Ayala Avenue

Makati now has a thriving real estate sector due to the investment fundamentals that attract Filipino Overseas Workers FOWs to buy property for investment and their retirement. There is also a large amount of purchases from International investors especially from Singapore and China.

With a population of 529,039 Makati is the 16th-largest city in the country and ranked as the 41st most densely populated city in the world with 19,336 inhabitants per square KM. Although its population is just half a million, the daytime population of the city is estimated to be more than one million during a typical working day because of the large number of people who go to the city to work, shop, and do business.

A master-planned mixed-use community was established in the 1950s in Makati. Makati in the 1970s was a financial and commercial centre and part of the National Capital Region (Metro Manila). Makati became a City with the enactment of Republic Act No. 7854 and a plebiscite approval in 1995 during the term of former Mayor Jejomar C. Binay---now the Vice President of the country. Makati has been described as a City of three areas: the Central Business District, the Old Town or Poblacion area, and the Fort Bonifacio area.


Key Investment fundamentals include

  • True Prime Location, The number one address in Makati City
  • Different Payment Plans and Buying Options
  • Likely Growth in both Property Value and Rental Income due to lack of supply in this area of Makati

This is Rockwell´s latest and newest development and when you consider the location and the fact it’s the number one address in the Philippines at around 200,000 PHP per square meter it makes complete commercial sense. The properties themselves are big and at the luxury end of the market but you can buy very nice units that make perfect commercial sense. Also it’s now a branded resort that again adds value to your investment. However a lot of buyers in this development will be buying here because they want the best a great home and intend to live here rather than invest. However as they say locations is everything

The Makati CBD investment fundamental very much applies to this development of supply and demand especially in this area. There is a growing demand for both office and residential space and both rental values and property values continue to increase. Most importantly whatever happens to property values rents will continue to increase well into 2020s and beyond as both the Philippine economy and most importantly the Makati economy shows no sign of slowing down. And with48% of the Philippines GDP being created in the Makati area this is where investors want to invest.

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